What are Presentations?

Presentations allow you to customize and share work with anyone. You can individually select which files you'd like to add to a presentation (which will be shared), add a titles and descriptions for each file (by default, this will be the file name). Once you pick which files you'd like to add to the presentation, you can brand and theme the presentation using the design tools we provide. Add your own colors, change layout options, and upload your own logo.

Each presentation can be saved as active or draft (not viewable by anyone other then your team). Drafts are handy when you're still making edits, need supervisor approval, or want to wait on sending to clients or bosses for review. Once you're ready to share your presentation, you can select from the options available, set a default password (optional step), select who can view the presentation, and lastly how you'd like to share the presentation. Cage can send the link to people on your behalf, or you can copy/paste the link and share however you like. 

Reviewers can freely view the work, but will be asked to add their name and email once they submit feedback. Cage then adds those reviewers to your account and automatically creates an account (free of charge) in the background so that they can easily add feedback the next time. Simple and easy!