What's the difference between internal and external comments?

We're glad you asked! Ever worked with a client or a stakeholder and got feedback, but wanted to have a conversation with our team before anyone responded to them? You're in luck! Cage let's you have private threaded discussions within a public thread with your clients. So when you're client says, "let's make this pink", your team can get on the same page before addressing them.

If a project is already set to "Internal", worry not, you're project and all of it's communication will stay internal. If a project is set to "External", your previous Internal information stays private, but now you now have the option to set Notes, Comments, and Messages as Internal or External, thus allowing your Reviewers to see them and be engaged. This keeps the feedback loop short and focused, letting you get your work done faster!

Private comments are always denoted with a red lock icon, whereas external comments (that reviewers can see) are always marked with a green globe icon).