How do I add Slack integration for Cage?

By integrating Cage with Slack you will receive updates in Slack when a task is created, messages are sent, comments are added, files are uploaded, and feedback is added to files. Install this integration to keep the rest of your organization in the loop or to gather timely feedback without leaving Cage. Adding your Slack to Cage is easy, each project is associated with a respective channel in Slack. Here's how we recommend you get started:

  1. On a given Project in Cage, go to the "Project Settings".
  2. Open "Integrations" with the "Edit Settings" button.
  3. Click the "Add Slack" button
  4. From here you'll be redirected to Slack where you'll authorize which channel that project has access to.
  5. Once you pick the appropriate channel, click "Activate" and you'll be redirected back to Cage.
  6. Now you're off to the races. You can customize the settings and pick what you'd like to send to that Slack channel.

    Here's a video below on how easy it is!

To Remove the Slack integration, simply click "Remove" and we'll remove the connect between that project in Cage and that channel in Slack.

We think Cage is a great hub for design and production teams, but Cage for Slack now makes it even better by allowing your entire organization to have a glimpse at what's going on, to gather feedback faster, or get more timely approvals. Enjoy!