What’s the difference in Administrators, Staff, and Reviewers?


The following roles apply to all Accounts (Solo, Studio, Agency, and Enterprise).

Administrators - We define an “Admin” as a person who owns a Cage account or is an administrator on an account. An administrator can directly influence your plan by having the ability to add and remove people, and add and remove projects.

Team Members - Staff are people who have been added to the account or project that have the ability to add/edit projects, add/delete files, add messages and tasks, add new versions, and approve files. Staff cannot remove team members or upgrade the current Plan.

Reviewers - Reviewers (or your clients) are people you you want feedback or approval from, but don’t need to have them do the same functions as Admins/Team. Reviewers only have the ability to view, leave comments on the files directly, add general messages for the project, and approve files.