How do I add Reviewers

If you’re doing work for a client or have bosses that need to simply review and approve work, Cage makes gathering all their feedback and approvals in one place a breeze.

Adding Reviewers (or clients) to Cage is easy. Here's how we recommend you get started:

  1. Click "People" on the top navigation (next to your avatar).
  2. Click the Reviewers and then the green "Add Reviewer" button.
  3. Pick which projects these Reviewers will have access to.
  4. Begin adding email addresses and names. You can add as many as you like in this view.

This is how you add Reviewers to your Cage account. Reviewers only have access to projects you share and in those projects, only access to Files, Messages, and Presentations that are set to public. Anything set as private is unavailable for Reviewers.