Getting Started with Presentations

Presentations Overview

Your brand, your story, your creativity – your way. Presentations allow you to cherry-pick the files you'd like to share with others outside of your organization for review and approval, but brand the entire experience. Presentations give you full control over layouts, color themes, branding and allows you to make your work shine.

Step 1: Select Files

Adding files to your Presentation is a breeze, select the Files Icon and pick any of the files you already have in your project. All files in your project are selectable. If you pick files that are set as "Private" you'll see an alert (just to make sure this is what you want to do). See below for how you select files.

Step 2: Pick a Layout

We've made it easy to select a Layout for how you'd like to present your work. Currently, you can select a Grid, Scrolling or Carousel. If you opt for a Scrolling layout, you can also hover over the individual files and align those files to the left, right, fit to width or full width. See below for how you pick layouts.

Step 3: Customize

There's several ways you can customize Presentations. First, you can opt to upload your own logo and position it to the left, center or right. In addition to your logo, you can also upload a header background. If you upload a header image, Cage uses this image is for the Sign In screen if you opt to password protect your Presentation (more on that below). You can use the menu to change colors and also alignment of text. See below for how you customize colors and text alignment.

Step 4: Sharing

Now that you've created a Presentation, all that's left is sharing it with the people you need to get feedback and approvals from. Cage provides a few settings that make sharing your work both easy and flexible. If you want to share with people outside of your organization, you'll want to select "Allow Reviewer Sign up". This allows your clients to add feedback, approve files, by simply adding their email address (we automatically create a free account for them in the background and notify you too so that it's as painless as possible for them). 

You can opt to hide past versions, disable downloads and can password protect Presentations too. If you click Notify Others, we simply show you a list of everyone that's already on the project and let you send them an email about the new Presentation if you like (if you're team is already on this project, they'll be able to see this Presentation, this just notifies them).

When to Use a Presentation

Presentations are great to use when you want feedback or approvals from anyone outside of your organization. This can be clients or bosses (or your boss's bosses). What's really great about Presentations is that you can select the files you're ready to share for review. This means the files unselected in the project stay private until you're ready to change that status from Private to Public (or add to a presentation). Your clients only ever see what you want them to see. 

If you want to roll out the red carpet for your clients, Presentations are going to do just that. A beautiful, branded experience that you can customize and share however you like.