How do I add a new Project?

Ready to add your first Project? Projects are a workplace that has it's own focused set of tools to help you complete work. So if you're working on a new app or commercial, the project would serve as mission control for your team to centralize all the communication, tasks, files and assets you're working on, and the people involved in the project. Projects belong to Folders and you can have as many projects in a folders as you like. Here's how you add a new project:

  1. Click the "Projects" in the top navigation
  2. Select "Add Project" button
  3. Choose if this is an Internal project or External project
  4. Name the project, add an optional description, color and icon
  5. Select which folder it belongs to
  6. Assign an option due date for the project if you like.

That's it. Once you complete that, you're off to the races and can start adding your team or files or messages or tasks, whichever best works for you and your process!

See it in action below.