How do I switch from v2 of Cage to v3?

If you want to transition to the new version of Cage and see how your team would best use the new platform, just drop us an  email at:  
Once you request an invite, our team will personally help with the transition so you can start new projects. Invites are sent to the account owner on your current account. If that needs to  changeor you’d like to request the invite go to a specific person, please let us know in your  email and we’ll take care of that for you.

What’s the best way for us to start?
We recommend starting new projects in v3 and wrapping up your current projects in  v2. As you complete projects, you can archive those in  v2 and they will be available for you in v3. The new version of Cage is a completely different platform and codebase, so what you do in  v2 will not effect v3 (and vice versa). 
We’ve made an example project available in v3, so you can see some of the new features at work and get a sense of how you might use them. There are plenty of helpful guides and articles in our new  Help Center, we’ve added in-app support, and you can always  email us too at: